The school accepts students aged 4-19. For a brochure and further information please contact us at (902) 542-0548 or email us at [email protected]

Fairfield School is now a Registered Charity. Online monetary donations can be made through:

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Donations can also be made directly to the school. We are currently in need of the following items:

Favorite books, science equipment, Computer hardware and software, Kitchen supplies,a Digital Camera, darkroom equipment, good used furniture and monetary gifts.
Tax receipts will be issued for all donations.

Fairfield School is a place where students are free to pursue their interests, dreams and passions. Students are given the support, respect and trust necessary to engage fully in whatever is important to them; they are not subjected to an imposed curriculum or educational agenda of any kind. The core tenet of this philosophy recognizes that people by nature want to learn and pursue knowledge. Students at Fairfield engage in activities for as long as they like. If they want to read a book, talk to a friend, play outside, study math, play with blocks, work in the art room, or be on a computer all day long, then that is what they do.

We are based on the model of educational freedom successfully pioneered since 1968 by the Sudbury Valley School, in Framingham Massachusetts. In the past 15 years many schools around the world have opened following this model (see our links page). At these schools there are no grades, no artificial time periods, and no tests or evaluations of any kind unless requested. The most important thing our school provides is an empowering, supportive, safe and open environment in which students can develop for themselves the skills and confidence that they need for a lifetime of learning and doing. Outcome studies from the parent school are impressive. Graduates are independent, socially responsible, innovative people with successful and happy lives. More than 80% have enrolled in Community College or University and their vocational choices are as individual and varied as are the students.

The school is run democratically. All decisions are made at a weekly School Meeting at which all students and staff have one vote each. The budget, staff hiring, judicial matters, and many other issues are handled by the students and staff working together within a purely democratic structure. We feel this sends a very powerful message of trust and responsibility to everyone involved.

The school accepts students ages 4-19. For a brochure and further information please contact us at (902) 542-0548 or email us at [email protected].